The logos for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter

All too often, it’s hard for any of us to make it through the day without hearing words such as: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or the term “social media” in general. But why is that? And why is it so imperative to know what those words mean?

It’s simple. At this day in age, social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are taking over the internet as well as society’s leisure time. So it only makes sense to use these platforms to your advantage–whether it be for personal or professional reasons.

After doing some reading on recent articles related to the increase of social media marketing (via my awesome Strategic Internet Marketing professor, Theresa Clarke), I figured I’d share a couple interesting tidbits picked up along the way!

Tidbit #1) The ongoing increase in marketing via Pinterest
In the talks of social media, Facebook and Twitter are usually the first two platforms that pop into the general public’s mind due to it’s high popularity during the last couple of years. However, marketers have managed to find a way to increase their marketing efforts through the latest form of popular media, Pinterest–mainly so through the use of three driving actions:

  • Repinning
  • Making Comments
  • Following others

By repinning, making comments, and following others, users are able to drive traffic by sending notifications through Pinterest to individuals who they repin, comment on, or follow. Through the notification a link is usually attached either to the comment or to the user’s profile allowing individuals to check out those interested in their content. It’s through this marketing attempt that professionals strive to create interesting boards and profiles in the hopes of gaining users or at minimum, gaining viewers.

Tidbit #2) Turn social media into entertainment
In the past, society most often turned to leisurely activities such as watching the news, reading the newspaper, or flipping through pamphlets and magazines as a way to pass the time. However, today individuals pull up some form of social media without hesitation and almost as if second nature. These said individuals aren’t necessarily just pulling up social media to pass the time though, but to entertain themselves as they do so–so remember to keep your pages or profiles interesting to gain their attention and keep them coming back for more! Social media isn’t necessarily just about the functional aspect, but the enjoyment aspect as well.

Tidbit #3) Keep it visually aesthetic
Along with improvements in technology, everyone also enjoys improvements in picture quality and high definition! I mean, just look at the sale of Blu-Rays and Wii U’s–am I right? Upon landing on a webpage, the visual aspects are the first to catch a user’s attention and based on the quality and subject, are one of the major keys in whether or not the user stays or leaves. If you plan on uploading a picture, don’t only try to make it visually appealing and unique, but look into possibly playing up the definition and and quality as well! Most people like a well manicured website.

Tidbit #4) Keep an eye on your social influence
Attempting to increase your social influence only means so much unless you make the effort to measure your success and make improvements accordingly. Thanks to Salty Waffle, you can find a list of five various tools capable of measuring your metrics. One tool found in the list that I personally use is called Klout. Through Klout, you’re able to link your various social media platform pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.) to your profile so that others that you may “influence” have a quick link to your activity! Klout keeps up to date on all linked pages and provides you with an influence score and allows you to compare your social influence with those you may know as well as many well-known celebrities. I have yet to check out the other metrics tools listed, but I’ll be sure to give them a look soon and I suggest you try it as well! Find the one that works the best for you and use it as your personal measuring tool.

Hopefully those of you reading find the few tidbits listed interesting and of help. For further elaboration, be sure to click on the attached links related to each topic. May you find the related articles interesting, and use the provided information to improve your social media efforts and increase your pageviews!